Partnership with Nikon Metrology Brings Industrial CT Scanning to 3D Engineering Solutions

We have been fortunate enough to form a partnership with Nikon Metrology and use their latest CT scanning technology.  These scanning machines use X-rays to penetrate an entire assembly at one time, eliminating the need line of sight restrictions you would have with laser, probe, vision or structured light scanning systems.  Its non-destructive testing capabilities allow us to scan entire systems without disassembling critical components.  We will break down the paradigm that precision industrial scanning is expensive and time-consuming.  Our services will provide ISO 17025 certification quality combined with excellent turnaround for our services and 24/7 customer support.

industrial CT scanner with dinosaur eggs
Nikon industrial CT scanner with a clutch of dinosaur eggs
With these machines, we are opening an industrial CT scanning Center of Excellence.  As one of the leading engineering and metrology labs in the country, we hope to utilize this new technology alongside our fully trained staff in all aspects of the use and application of 3D voxel model data acquisition and point cloud engineering.
Jim Clark, Nikon Metrology’s Vice President of Strategic Marketing, was excited as well to see the future applications of their technology.
                “Nikon Metrology is excited to have partnered with 3D Engineering Solutions.  3DES is geographically well positioned in the Midwest to support the growing demand for advanced CT scanning services. Additionally it provides Nikon Metrology with a base for demonstrating and educating key customers and industries as to the benefits of industrial CT.”
This technology will especially be useful in the aerospace industry where jet engine manufacturers need better understanding of the critical nature of the internal passages of the components they produce.  The new 450kV micro focus system allows for improved inspections of critical components like blades, nozzles, and turbines.  No other engineering company is currently offering this level of 24/7 support for critical aerospace components.
3DES President James T. Irwin shares,
                “In the world of metrology and non-destructive engineering/testing (NDE/NDT inspections), this is game-changing technology.  From a single CT scan of a fine watch, we can measure and 3D-model each internal component.  Our new Nikon MCT225 and XTH450 CT scanner systems are best-in-class and offer a broad and complex range of inspection capability.  With the speed, accuracy and capacity of these systems, we are prepared to exponentially increase our services business.”
We will continue to share further advancements with this and other technologies as they develop.
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