3D Scanning & Digitizing Services​

3D Engineering Solutions has gained a wealth of knowledge working with our clients scanning needs. Utilizing a variety of different technologies and recognizing the advantages and disadvantages of each, we can offer one or multiple 3D scanning services that best suits you.

Our staff has experience working closely with our clients to ensure that the most accurate digital dataset model of your project is captured and high value deliverables are produced. We have worked with manufacturing experts for years, and understand the importance of a reliable scan. From CAD models and inspections, to rapid prototyping and reverse engineering, we are equipped to serve any situation.

Whether it’s for automotive parts, mechanical assemblies, complex geometric objects, or even entire building interiors and exteriors, we have the technology and expertise to guarantee an accurate scan. We are always open to a challenge and embrace the opportunity to solve scanning issues that other companies aren’t capable of solving or do not have the capacity to handle.

3D Scanning Services

At 3D Engineering Solutions, we do not just offer one 3D scanning service, but many!  All 3D scanning services are not equal and each has advantages and disadvantages depending upon your application. We tailor each projects requirement with the best equipment available to give you outstanding results.  We cover from both long and short range 3D laser scanning, to white and blue light structured light scanning, confocal white light scanning (splitting white light into its frequencies/colors to measure by) and industrial CT scanning.  Several of our technologies are portable and able to be taken at any location on the globe.

3D Laser Scanning Technology

Each 3D scanning technology that we employ has certain characteristics that make them better for particular projects than others.  Structured light scanning (both blue light and white light) are ideal for high resolution requirements around reverse engineering and high level detailed inspections.  Short range 3D laser scanning on an articulated arm allows complex access to hidden features and offers extreme portability with many mounting options (clamp, tripod, magnetic mount, vacuum mount). Confocal White Light Scanning offers the ability to directly measure highly specular (up to mirror surface) and transparent surfaces without surface preparation (powders or paint).  Long range 3D laser scanning brings the world of large objects into reach for easy measurement.  Industrial CT scanning stands at the pinnacle of 3D laser scanning technology with the ability to not only see hidden areas of details but inside the base materials of the objects to see porosity, delaminations, inclusions and other defects.

Whichever scanning technology or combination of multiple technologies that you need for your project, 3D Engineering Solutions has a solution for your needs.

Point Clouds and Voxel Data Sets

We are experts at collecting point cloud and voxel (CT scanning) data sets and then using that data for various engineering activities: Reverse Engineering, Inspection, Troubleshooting, Comparison and CAD Modeling. All of our staff members are degreed engineers who are well versed in GD&T and each data collection technology that we employ. They are well suited to interact directly with your engineers and technicians. Our team is comprised of metrologists who enjoy the diversity of projects and problems that our customers bring us to solve.

Reverse Engineering

Whether your needs involve repairing a mold or die that has broken unexpectedly, creating design documentation (CAD models and drawings) for a product that existed before the digital age, or you want to make improvements to an industry starting with the existing technology as a baseline, we can help. We have all of the tools, technologies and experience to ensure accurate process and results.


Our lab is ISO17025 accredited for most of the technologies that we employ including industrial CT scanning. We pair all of our scanning technologies with good traditional vision, CMM and common hand gages to provide unparalleled inspections and detail oriented inspection reports. Since we understand our equipment and processes so well, we are able to work past common errors that can come from each unique scanning technologies. And we know when not to use 3D scanning technologies in favor of simple 1D gages! Sometimes, those are the better tool to use for best accuracy and cost.


Our depth of engineering background in various fields, places us in a unique position to offer troubleshooting aide to your staff. We can offer you solutions based on our experience and knowledge of the technologies we employ that you may not have thought of before. Just give us your end goals for the project and we will help brainstorm the most efficient path to get the data that you need.


3D Scanning technologies offer unmatched ability to compare like parts to each other or to ideal CAD models. A scan to scan comparison allows a high resolution comparison of millions of points of data between two like parts. This is useful for understanding differences between part suppliers at a moment in time, between one supplier over a long period of time (FAI part compared to the same part produced year(s) later) or exemplar parts to actual components in dispute.
Likewise a scan to CAD comparison allows you to see how a manufactured part deviates to the original design intent. You can now visualize the deviations over the surface of the actual manufactured parts and gain a good understanding of those effects to the overall design.

CAD Models

Taking raw point cloud and voxel data and transforming that into CAD models is a common activity for 3D Engineering Solutions. Our degreed engineers are expert at taking data of complex surfaces and creating well-fitting parametric, NURB and hybrid CAD models. The process usually involves creating a polygonal model first (typical a .STL file) and then using that as a basis for CAD models using native features of your favorite CAD package. We currently create these models in NX, SolidWorks, CREO and Revit. We work with your engineering department to understand if you require ‘as built’ models or ‘design intent’ models. We stand ready to help you with your CAD modeling needs.

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