3D Engineering Solutions Acquires FARO Focus S 350 to Improve Accuracy in Long Range Scanning Services

3D Engineering Solutions recently acquired the new FARO Focus S 350 long range scanner to compliment its growing customer demand for increased accuracy in long range scanning services. This new ‘best in class’ long range laser scanner offers outstanding features over the existing field of competitive equipment.

Improvements include: improved ranging error of +/-1mm, HDR integrated color camera with 165 megapixel of color, integrated GPS & GLONASS (GNSS), improved range of 350m and extended operating temperature range and device protection.

The new extended operating temperature: -20° to 55°C and Ingress Protection rating (IP54) has already proven itself in this winter season performing optimally in the field supporting industries varying from petro-chemical plants, to schools, parking garages, and military infrastructure.