Utilizing 3D Printed Fixtures in Industrial CT Scanning

Utilizing 3D Printed Fixtures in Industrial CT Scanning

The F400 Fusion 3 3D printer offers best-in-class print speed and quality. This equipment allows for the development of customized fixtures able to enhance efficiency, reduce cost, and increase repeatability of 3D Engineering Solutions CT scanning capabilities with our industry leading suite of CT Scanners.
Utilizing 3D Printed Fixtures in Industrial CT Scanning

  • Nikon / X-Tek 160kV Industrial CT Scanner
  • Nikon / X-Tek XT H 225kV MCT Micro-focus Industrial CT Scanner
  • Nikon / X-Tek XT H 450kV LC Micro-focus Industrial CT Scanner

Utilizing_3D_Printed_Fixtures_in_Industrial_CT_Scanning_2To fully appreciate the importance of fixtures in CT scanning some knowledge of the CT theory is needed. A CT requires thousands of X-ray images throughout a single 360-degree rotation without part movement. The resultant resolution of the CT scan is related to magnification. The magnification is determined by the distance of the sample from the X-ray source. Magnification is increased by moving the sample closer to the X-ray source. Due to this there are limits to the based on the size of the sample being scanned. Additionally, in order to produce a quality data set the sample must be penetrated by X-rays at all angles. Bearing this in mind, the orientation of the sample on the manipulator is pivotal to achieving the greatest magnification, as well as the X-ray penetration of the sample, leading to the highest quality CT scan.


The pictures on the left illustrate the benefits of a proper fixture in CT scanning. The samples are held at such an angle to minimize the amount of material the X-rays must penetrate at any given point in the CT scan. This gives the greatest quality scan while decreasing the overall time and cost of the scan. The bottom image demonstrates how 3D printed fixtures combined with the batch CT scanning function allows for 24/7 support. Multiple scans can be run sequentially, eliminating down time and providing unparalleled delivery time.