How to Handle Quality and Inspection Requirements in Uncertain Times

COVID 19 has literally shut down a majority of the world’s production. As we have talked with our customers over this time, we have found that many have reduced their workforce or have implemented rolling furloughs. The problem is that once you let that skilled person go, they may actually find other work before you can hire them back. So, all of the training that was invested in them is gone. This seems especially true of Quality staff. During each normal business cycle and when things get tight, the quality staff is the first to be reduced. A new staff is then later brought on once the cycle has completed with the requisite experience or they are slowly trained up to a proficient level. This is logically the case as production requirements are lower during these cycles and removing production personnel would immediately and directly hamper the ability to generate revenue.

What we observe is that manufacturers come to a point where quality inspection work is required in order to generate that continuing revenue, but the quantity of work does not yet justify a new head count. So the question of hiring this service out or developing this competence internally comes into play.

3D Engineering Solutions is here to help fill that temporary gap as you start to ramp back up and hire internal skilled staff. Our staff is made up of experienced and degreed engineers who are metrologists fluent in all of our dimensional inspection technologies from CMM to industrial CT scanning. Each one is experienced in the methods and equipment as well as GD&T. We can provide 24/7 support for your critical production needs both onsite or in our inspection lab.

We are an ISO17025 accredited lab. This ensures you and your end customers that the data is traceable and correctly taken and is valid for your critical needs.

Our services are superior to OEM equipment manufacturers. OEM equipment manufacturers generally offer services, but are constrained to use their specific equipment and only that technology. Their end purpose is to sell equipment – not the service. 3D Engineering Solutions sells no software or equipment and prides our self in developing outstanding metrologists and delivering great service. Our engineering staff is well trained in each technology and has freedom to quote any technology or combination of technologies that best meet your requirements.

Our services are provided at our lab here in Cincinnati or onsite at your facility. Our Cincinnati facility is large enough to provide a natural social distancing and when onsite at your facility, we will follow any precautions and restrictions that you have.


Please contact us today for a quote for your quality and inspection requirements!

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