New Structured Light Scanning Tool Enhances Our 3D Scanning Service

Augmenting Structured Light
At 3D Engineering Solutions we’ve recently added another tool to our 3D laser scanning services.  We now regularly use a new structured light scanning device—the Steinbichler Comet L3D.   It uses LED blue light technology and can capture up to two million points in 1.5 seconds.  We’ve already employed the technology for turbine blade and impeller inspection, and mold and tool making.  The structured light scanner is useful for 3D scanning, rapid manufacturing and design, quality control, tool making, and reverse engineering.  It’s great for capturing anything with a lot of sharp edges and detail—even small medical instruments.

The structured light scanner is easily portable, and the blue light technology presents many benefits over the older, white light technology. Advantages include a longer-lasting light source and lower temperature influence due to LEDs, the ability to scan a well-lit room, and the ability to filter out other light present when capturing an object.

One way we expand the usefulness of the Steinbichler Comet L3D is by integrating it with photogrammetry, which increases our ability to measure larger parts.  We can capture entire vehicles with micron-accuracy.  In addition to the photogrammetry accessory, we also have a 2-axis turn table, which allows for automated inspection.

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