Laser Scanning

3D Engineering Solutions is an advanced engineering metrology company that specializes in 3D laser scanning services both on-site and in-house. Our certified engineers use leading edge laser measurement technology including portable Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs) inspection services.

We are a national laser scanning service provider, based in Ohio serving industries like architectural, automotive, civil engineering, construction, industrial and large components. If you are looking for help with your project or need to get an idea of laser scanning costs, just call or request a quote today – our response time is very fast, typically less than 1 hour.

Short Range Laser Scanning

It’s all in how you measure it. Our precise 3D laser scanning and other scanning (digitizing) processes capture a physical object’s high-density geometry, compound surface curvature, and draft, which are extremely difficult to measure using traditional techniques.

Using our 7-axis, contact / non-contact measuring devices with fully integrated laser line probes, other advanced non-contact methods and specialized software, we collect data as thousands of points that create point clouds. The point cloud data is then interpolated and used to generate highly accurate 3D CAD models of the physical object for a variety of applications including: reverse engineering , rapid prototyping, product inspection and more.

Our 3D scanning and digitizing / 3D laser scanning services are unsurpassed in the industry because of the considerable expertise of our GD&T certified engineers who are highly trained in 3D scanning techniques, data analysis and CAD modeling methods.

With 3D Engineering Solutions, you’re getting advanced technology and high-level experience that assure the most accurate result.

Long Range Laser Scanning

3D Engineering Solution’s metrology services include Long Range scanning technology for 3D data collection in aerospace, nuclear, automotive, power, architectural, civil and industrial markets. These tools complement our other advanced inspection tools, CAD modeling and reverse engineering capabilities for an integrated approach that meets the needs of Building Information Modeling (BIM modeling), facility mapping, wind energy blade/turbine manufacturing, MSR replacement and much more.

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