Industrial CT Scanning and X-Ray for PCBs

Advanced Industrial CT Scanning, Laminography & X-Ray for Printed Circuit Boards

Powerful real-time X-ray capabilities allow 3D engineers to fully inspect complex printed circuit boards (PCBs), semiconductor package voids, BGA solder balls and more. Our X-ray inspection systems intuitively navigate complex PCBs and electronic components, quickly evaluating defects. Automated inspection modalities result in the highest throughput of samples, which translates to lower cost and faster turnaround.  And customizable macro capabilities turn component inspections into fast, automated processes.

The proprietary Nano-Tech 160 kV/20W X-ray source features a spot size down to 1 micron.  The focus of the electron beam is computer controlled and ensures that targets do not overheat even at high kV settings, all while maintaining the smallest possible spot size.  In addition to full computed tomography (CT) capability, we offer computed laminography, which is used to inspect high aspect ratio pieces such as PCBs.  This includes 3D visualization of BGA solder connections on circuit boards and other components.

3D Engineering Solutions features Nikon’s best CT scanners including XTH 450kV micro-focus CT, 225kV MCT micro-focus metrology grade CT and the 160kV purpose built machine for PCBs.

3D Engineering Solutions is a corporate partner with the American Society for Nondestructive Testing.

Utilizing 3D Printed Fixtures in Industrial CT Scanning

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