Industrial CT Scanning: Medical Industry Applications

How is the Medical Industry Taking Advantage of Industrial CT Scanning?

The medical industry uses 3D Engineering Solutions industrial CT scanning services for many different applications. Some of them involve implants, devices that are used for patient care, and even for court cases related to medical items.

For example implants, we do a lot of wear studies for our customers. So we’ll get a device, we’ll scan it using an industrial CT scanner or maybe sometimes a different type of scanner. Return it to the customer, the customer will do some wear testing, and then we’ll receive that part for an after test. Then after the test is compared to the original, and then you can see a color map of where all the wear areas are relative to the unworn areas.

This can be used to give an understanding of how a particular material might wear more or might wear less than another type of material. So, you can do testing this way. You can also use this in submissions to the FDA so that they could look at it and get the assurance that this device, especially if it’s an implant, will wear long enough that it won’t require more surgery to replace very quickly.

What Makes Industrial CT Scanning Data Ideal for Medical Devices?

Another use of industrial CT scanning at 3D Engineering Solutions for the medical industry or related is use in court cases. One of our customers provides expert witness testimony for example for crash helmets. In that, what we’re able to do is we’re able to take the medical CT scan, for example of the patient’s head, and combine that with an industrial CT scan of the helmet. Put them on top of each other and then thereby be able to look at the damage path through the helmet into the skull. Along with that, our use of industrial CT scanning is the only one that we know of in the world that is ISO 17025 certified. There is no one else in the service industry that we are aware of who have certified their equipment to that spec and put it onto their scope.

How is data Collected by Industrial CT Scanning Used to Validate Media Products?

When 3D Engineering Solutions provides data from industrial CT scans to our customers or medical customers, they use this data for many different things. One might be a submission to the FDA in order to get FDA approvals, and there’ll be dimensional certifications that they want to verify, “yes the intent of this device is met because it meets the same measurement.” Or for example, if they’re creating a duplicate device to do the same function as an existing device, they have to prove to the FDA that yes they’re equivalent. One of the ways to do that is to prove that the dimensions are all the same. At 3D Engineering Solutions, we’re engineers, but we’re also metrologist. We understand the science of measurement and how to verify that certain things match other things.