Industrial CT Scanning: the Future of Data Capture Modeling

3D Engineering Solutions has expertise in multiple types of industrial modeling and metrology techniques, including laser scanning, contact and non-contact dimensional inspections, and light scanning. These methods allow us to create highly accurate records of the structure of the subject. But our newest technology has us the most excited.

Industrial CT scanning is similar to the medical CT scans many are familiar with. We take multiple x-ray scans of the object to generate a three-dimensional analysis of the object. What makes CT scanning so exciting is the ability to scan an object while completely assembled, and still achieve accurate results. With other methods, the subject must be disassembled or even destroyed to capture all the necessary data points. The ability to create a 3D voxel model of an object without destroying it allows us to perform non-destructive testing or NDT inspections.

Our full white paper goes into even more detail of benefits of using CT scanning. This technology is available now and we hope it can be used for any of your project needs.

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