Ensuring Accuracy of Gages and Fixtures Through Accredited Calibrations

If we lived in a perfect world the parts you manufacture and the gages used to check them would both be exactly to nominal specifications. At that point a gage would be obsolete and so too would be the metrologist, but we all know that this world is far from perfect and that the best we can ever do in the study of measurements is to provide our best estimate of where the actual value lies along with a provision of uncertainty of measurement that can be traced all the way back to the international system of units.

This is the very reason that most industry standards require that the tools designed to provide assurances of correctness also themselves have an assurance of correctness in the form of a certificate of calibration.

Whether you have a check gage for automotive part compliance checking, or a fixture used to secure a part for a secondary machining or inspection process, you will likely be required to provide evidence that shows this tool is built to the specifications required. This is where 3D-Engineering Solutions can help you.

If you have just found our metrology lab we welcome you to call us and visit at any time to understand our capabilities and how we can assist you. If you are returning customer who has trusted 3DES in the past for fast and accurate inspection and reverse engineering services, you already know that 3DES is widely recognized as being among the best in the business for your metrology needs. Employing only a staff of degreed engineers from a wide array of disciplines, along with a the state of the art and cutting edge technology at our disposal, we have worked hard to ensure that our customers receive the outstanding work and support that they deserve and have come to expect from us. This is the precise reason that 3DES began to pursue the ANAB accredited status for Calibration in conformance to ISO 17025:2017.

When it comes to gauges and fixtures most of them are custom designed and built for specific measurement needs. Thus there are few if any standard calibration practices for custom one off tooling. With this addition to our scope of accreditation we can now offer our clientele the needed documentation that will allow them to be in compliance with the industry supplier standards in regards to their gauging and fixturing needs.

3D-Engineering Solutions can provide you with complete documentation that will meet all of the requirements of your particular industry and your customer’s quality management system. This includes an accredited certificate of calibration along with the as found, as left values and fully traceable uncertainty of calibration in the report. You can then incorporate this documentation into your measurement system analysis to provide full documentation of compliance for your customers.

Please contact 3D Engineering Solutions today for your gage and fixture calibration needs.

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