Engineering Support Services: Aligning Smooth/Large Objects

Aligning Multiple Scans of a Single Object

Something people may not think about is the processes used to align multiple scans of a single object, as many parts require more than one scan to fully cover the object. Sometimes the part may be too large for the equipment to cover from one spot, or a part may need to be flipped over to scan the bottom. When this happens, two or more separate scans must be conducted by scanning the part in one position, then moving it and scanning again. Some parts have enough unique features to use for alignment, by signaling the software to use those features as the basis for aligning.

What to do when objects do not have alignment features?

Unfortunately, not all parts have these unique features that can be used for alignment. When this happens, 3D Engineering Solutions adds temporary features to the parts. This can be done a couple of ways.

  1. We can attach small pieces of clay to the part, shaped differently around the part so they can be used for alignment.
  2. We can stick small letters or other targets to the part for the same purpose.

These features are always added to the flattest areas possible or areas of the part that are not critical to the study for ease of use in the software.

Completing the Multiple Scan process

Once the scans are aligned using the targets, we are able to remove the data of those targets and smooth the surface to match the part as closely as possible if required. Using this technique greatly increases the variety of projects we are able to take on at 3D Engineering Solutions.