3D Metrology Services

3D Engineering Solutions offers state-of-the-art metrology services, including dimensional inspection, quality certifications, and programming. As an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory, 3D Engineering adheres to the highest standards. Whether you seek first article inspection (FAI) in accordance with AS9100 verification, direct scan to CAD comparison reports or other assistance, 3D Engineering offers best-in-class and customizable metrology support.

Our team of engineers can travel to your location or work remotely to provide the data you need. We can dispatch one or multiple engineers in a team to your location across the US or across the world. 3DES completes complete projects or can provide portions to augment your internal resources. We employ the latest available technologies and equipment for your manufacturing and design measurement needs.

Our beautiful temperature controlled and humidity monitored white floor labs house the best measurement equipment from the best OEMs.  We feature both touch and touchless data collection methods that suit all industries from automotive, medical, aerospace, consumer products, and others.

What are Metrology Services

We train our degreed engineering staff in the art of dimensional metrology.  Metrology is the study of measurement. As degreed engineers, we have a passion for providing you quick and accurate data and analysis. Most of our customers are engineers and tend to appreciate communicating with other engineers on their projects. And not only do they know how to properly operate the equipment, they understand underlying measurement based considerations and implications of your print dimensions.  Our engineers are trained in each data collection technology and software that we use. During training, they learn the strengths and weaknesses of each type of equipment and are able to intelligently confirm to you which is best for your project. So your project will have the benefit of an engineer skilled in all metrology based areas. And for your urgent needs, we can assign multiple engineers to your project on a shift basis for up to 24/7 support!

Each engineer is trained in GD&T interpretation and certified through ETI.  Having worked with thousands of prints from all industries, we have become very good at print and dimensional interpretation. We have a large depth of experience that can be brought to bear with even the non-standard dimensioning practices that we encounter. In all cases were we encounter a non-standard practice, we make a note in our reports method section on how we addressed that specific issue.  The idea is that anyone should be able to take one of our reports and have enough information to use similar equipment and the same methods and recreate the inspection.

Touchless Data Collection Technologies

Our touchless data collection technologies include: Industrial computed tomography (CT) scanning, White Light and Blue Light Structured Light Scanning, Short and Long Range Laser Scanning, X-ray, Vision System Inspection and Confocal White Light Sensor Scanning (CFS).  Each of these systems do not require physical contact with the part and each has strengths over the others in data collection time, accuracy, material suitability. Our engineers have been taught how to select the right technology for your needs. They can even use combinations of multiple technologies together to give you the best selection of quality and cost.

We utilize all of the common touch systems including fixed and portable coordinate measuring machines (CMM and PCMM), hand micrometers and gages, digital height gages, pins, gage blocks, and AA pink granite surface plates.  Just because these are the older traditional measurement methods does not imply inferiority to the touchless variety. In fact, these touch systems are generally more accurate and better suited for certain measurements.

3D Engineering Solutions is able to handle measurements of any size from tiny endoscopic surgical components to bridges, ships and buildings! We will carefully tailor your inspection project to meet your print tolerance requirements using good metrology practices.

The metrology software we use to analyze the data is the best that is available and includes:  Innovmetrics PolyWorks, Zeiss Calypso and PC-DMIS. Each of these tools has their advantages, weaknesses and measurement assumptions.  Our skilled engineers know how to apply each to take advantage of their strengths. Programming services are available.

We also provide training services in any of the metrology areas we have proficiency in.  This includes data collection, metrology methods and reporting. Our training is often superior to the OEMs training in that we do not train to a manual with example parts that always work correctly each time, but rather use your prints, equipment and actual parts.  We have found that this ensures a higher level of training in the students as they can directly relate their learning to their current work requirements.

3D Engineering Solutions is ISO17025 certified in most of its data collection technologies.  As part of the requirement, we determine and estimate uncertainties for each of these instruments and that information is placed on your inspection reports.  This requires continual outside auditing and proficiency testing. This certification gives our customers confidence in the data that they receive to meet the needs of their AS9100 and ISO9001 requirements.  While most metrology services only certify themselves to AS9100 or ISO9001 generically, 3D Engineering Solutions certifies to ISO17025 which is the actual dimensional inspection requirement recognized by AS9100 or ISO9001.  The ISO17025 certification process requires more effort and rigor. However, it conveys a greater sense of assurance in dimensional metrology to our customers than common non-dimensional inspection specific AS9100 and ISO17025 requirements.

We offer dimensional inspection, scan to CAD model comparison, First Article Inspection (FAI), Production Part Approval Process Inspection (PPAP), capability studies, gage dimensional verification, part programming and Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R) studies.  Generally, our customers already know which of these services are required for their needs. If you have a new measurement requirement or application, we can also make recommendations on what is needed for your project. You will gain from our depth of background in providing these services to many industries over the years.

The Best Services for Your Needs

You may be looking for a metrology services provider because your internal staff and equipment is fully booked with production needs and they are unable to complete your inspection requirements in a timely manner.  Or you do not yet possess one of our many inspection technologies that are required for a specific project. Alternatively, your customer may have a requirement for a certified 3rd party inspection.  In any of these cases, 3D Engineering Solutions can satisfy your needs.  Because of the extensive cross training of our engineers, we can also provide 24/7 dimensional inspection for small to large quantities of components in any of our covered technologies.

Because anyone can purchase equipment and show data, you will want to hire an independently certified and audited inspection service that can provide your internal and external customers with confidence in the results provided.  We live out our moto of ‘Measuring and Modeling Quality’. Our friendly, well trained and efficient engineering staff is eager to meet your dimensional metrology needs. Please trust us with your critical dimensional inspection needs today!

What are Metrology Services and Which Are Best For You

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