BIM Services for Industrial/Facilities Mapping​

3D Engineering Solutions specializes in BIM services for facilities mapping. Many buildings and industrial facilities lack documentation needed for renovation, modification or addition of equipment.

We start by collecting building measurements via long-range laser scanning, then delivering the data as 3D CAD models or point clouds, to make it easier to account for collision detection or other problems that can arise with retrofit or expansion. Colorized fly-through videos enhanced with CAD models show how new installations will progress in existing facilities. Facilities mapping also makes it easier to access data pertinent to a building’s operation and maintenance, aiding building/facilities managers as emergencies or deterioration occur.

3D Engineering Solutions uses a variety of software platforms, including Autodesk Revit, SolidWorks/Siemens NX 3D CAD design software, PolyWorks point cloud manipulation software, and FARO Scene scan alignment software, to synthesize data and aid client designs & record keeping.

Interference Detection / Mitigation Systems

With the data from the long range scanner, we can also plan for interferences when moving objects such as overhead cranes and gantry cranes through space. With this data set, it is quick and easy to find obstacles that will be in the way while trying to move an object of significant size through a building. When moving equipment like this, dangers and challenges exist, such as the potential of overhead power lines arcing. This would not only damage the components but also cause a dangerous threat to the safety of people nearby. With this technology, we can construct the scenario that would take place on the day that the component would be moved. This would allow us to easily isolate any items that would be disruptive to the move. It would also allow for any adjustments that would need to be made in order to fit the object through space.

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