Civil Engineering & Inspection​

Our Faro Focus long range scanners are quick, accurate and economical for building information modeling (BIM) purposes. With dimensional accuracy an incredible 2mm, we can also use the laser scan data to create models natively in Autodesk Revit and export the files for other software packages.

As-built documentation is often used by our customers to make additions or improvements to existing structures.

Structural Forensics – Failure Analysis

The built environment inevitably requires an interaction with the natural environment, making it difficult to plan for all of the potential stresses on a building. Many factors can be involved in allowing a structure to perform differently than intended. The long-range laser technology allows us to analyze an existing structure by comparing the point cloud data to a nominal model. From this, we can create a color map of the deviations from the nominal model. The color map will help isolate areas of the structure that could be problematic. Another useful application would be to scan the building once, and then come back at a later time and scan the building again. The two scans could be compared to the nominal model, which would give the architects and engineers a visual of how the building is moving.

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