Architectural & BIM Modeling​

For a building’s concept and construction, renovation or demolition, 3D Engineering Solutions’ architectural and services help clients collect precise data for all aspects of a structure’s lifespan (BIM Modeling). We can scan to collect data for buildings with little or no architectural records, or can scan to collect data to monitor new construction or renovation precision.

We develop on-site laser scan plans while using the latest equipment. Our instruments are capable of achieving a volumetric accuracy of up to 3.5 mm and have a 700 m diametrical range.

Combining our highly accurate data collection and computer modeling skills, 3D Engineering Solutions produces high-quality data files compatible with all major software packages such as Autodesk Revit.

Reverse Architecture

With the use of long range 3D laser scanning, we have the ability to scan an entire building or site, and digitally recreate it with precise accuracy. This technology allows a very effective way of creating prints, renderings and animations of an existing building or site. Our laser scanners will create a point cloud, from which our architectural professionals can translate the scan data into BIM software.

This technology is effective in many different applications. The point cloud reveals light, color, and texture. This greatly enhances the conceptual design phase of a project as it allows you to bring the existing structure right to your desk. Our professionals can produce fly through videos of the site, as well as photo realistic renderings.

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