Firearms and Explosives

3D Engineering Solutions holds both a Federal Firearms License (Type 07 Manufacturer FFL) and a Federal Explosives License (Type 20 manufacturer FEL).  These allow us to apply our technologies for work on related civilian and military applications.  We are ITAR registered and only employ US citizens.  Our ISO17025 certified work will help ensure you that our measurements and models are accurate.

Typical work that we perform involves inspection, First Article Inspections (FAI), non-destructive inspection for troubleshooting, failure analysis support and reverse engineering.  Outputs of our work include inspection reports, raw data and CAD models and drawings depending upon the scope of the work.

Typical energetics that we perform this work on include airbag inflators, civilian and military explosive devices and fusing – safe and arm devices (S&A).  All types of explosive and pyrotechnic energetic devices fall into this category whether they are mechanical or electronic in nature.

Your firearms projects will benefit from our services.  Whether you are replicating an antique or not in production firearm or component by reverse engineering or making improvements or modifications to an existing design, we can help.

All of our technologies from laser scanning, structured light scanning, CMM, vision, X-ray and industrial CT scanning (NAS410 level 3 support available) can be brought to bear in combination to meet your requirements.  Our staff of highly trained and degreed engineers stand ready to support you.

As your projects call for inspection, troubleshooting, design modification or reverse engineering work for firearms or energetic devices please contact us for a quote!

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