Consulting and Design Engineering Services

3D Engineering Solutions combines design knowledge, experience and expertise from multiple disciplines and the latest software to provide the source for your product design and development needs.  Our wide range of engineering services is designed to fit your every mechanical design engineering need.

Design Engineers with Expertise

Our large degreed engineering staff is proficient in multiple CAD platforms, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) and tolerance stacking for all your mechanical and electro mechanical design requirements.  We have experience in several industries from Aerospace, Automotive and Medical to Consumer Products.  Our knowledge base includes design with all of the common materials such as plastics, sheet metal, composites and machining.  And it covers all common manufacturing process including additive manufacturing.  We also pride ourselves in providing you with well laid out and detailed 2D drawings.

Design Solutions for All Industries

Concept Development

Are you in the concept development phase and want a separate design team to work in parallel with yours?  We can provide an independent look at your project to come up with alternative solutions and approaches to your design challenges.  You can then combine those with your internal design efforts to create a blended design solution created from a larger group of engineering minds.  Alternatively, we can work directly with your sales and marketing team combined with your customer inputs and knowledge base to lead and complete the concept development phase.  Once concepts are approved, we would move into design and development for your product.  And then follow through to production implementation.

Design Team Augmentation

We are also available to augment your own internal design department. As you are aware, much of the time consuming work involved with mechanical product design involves prototype design iteration, production drawing layout, tolerance stacking, model/drawing checking.  Let 3D Engineering Solutions improve your time to market by application of our services to bolster your capacities at the right times and in the right places in your design process.  Use our strengths in certain parts of your design process or continuously throughout.

Design for Manufacturing Support

Do you have a design that has been through the concept development phase and want to have it fleshed out into a manufacturing design?  3D Engineering Solutions can help you satisfy your product development needs.  Our practical engineering design background can help you design products that can be manufactured in quantities from thousands to millions of parts per year.  And with our tolerance stacking work, those parts will be able to be manufactured and assembled with little difficulty. We are experts at bringing closely toleranced designs to production.  Gone are the days of living with a product that is not optimized for manufacturing.  Let your manufacturing engineers work on improving the process and efficiencies and not on firefighting un-optimized designs.  Once the product design is finalized, let 3D Engineering Solutions continue to support you by providing fixturing, gage design and FAI inspection services to support your manufacturing requirements.

Reverse Engineering

3D Engineering Solutions has amassed an impressive array of touch and touchless data collection methods from onsite laser scanning to industrial CT scanning to capture a products ‘as built’ status. Our engineers then extract the geometry from the scan and recreate it in CAD. Your product improvements/modifications are then also added to the new model as well.  Tolerancing information is then gleaned from mating components, your input and other sources to develop detailed drawings.   From firearm components (3DES has a federal firearms license Type 7) to your Aerospace needs we can help you with your reverse engineering requirements.  Our ISO17025 inspection background coupled with our degreed engineering staff puts knowledge and experience in your project.

Contact us today for all of your product development needs.  We truly typify our motto by ‘measuring and modeling quality’ in all that we do.

Consulting and Design Engineering Services
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