3D Scanning for Digital Archiving

With 3D Engineering Solutions’ 3D scanning technology, you can digitally catalog and capture intricate details from historic relics, artifacts, and objects quickly and efficiently. Using advanced non-contact 3D scanning technology and 3D digital imaging, our measurement equipment never touches or damages the physical object in the digitizing process. It’s much like taking a 3-dimensional picture of an object with highly detailed and accurate geometric data.

Once generated, the data can be used to create a 3D CAD model for exact reproduction of the object’s physical shape through computer graphics media, rapid prototyping or manufacturing.

Emerging applications for using this digital archiving technology includes: museum piece preservation, dental/orthopedic, virtual reality/animation, media presentations and more.

Non-destructive Scanning of Artifacts

Our industrial CT scanning capabilities have become invaluable for museums and historical societies who wish to scan artifacts without the risk of damage. Using thousands of X-ray images, our CT scanning process allows for a precise scan of both external and internal features, while never touching or damaging the piece itself.

A perfect example can be found in a fossilized dinosaur eggs project. The inside of the eggs were to scanned to search for fetal development without ever endangering the fossils.

This technology allows for incredibly accurate digital archiving of artifacts, offering advanced solutions for cataloging fragile and irreplaceable pieces of history.

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Historical Digital Archiving