Industrial CT Scanning for Casting Inspection

Ensuring near identical dimensions in the casting manufacturing process can be done through a number of scanning methods. While all scanning processes have inherent advantages and disadvantages, our most advanced technology is made possible by industrial CT scanning. Engineering and manufacturing a reliable part requires absolute confidence that the testing results are accurate. CT scanning allows for surgical precision, guaranteeing a report you can trust.

Utilizing this new technology, we can scan an entire piece and map even the smallest details. Checking wall thickness and possible flaws can catch manufacturing issues early, saving time and money in the process. A porosity analysis gives a high dimensional accuracy scan that captures both internal and external features. The advantage of eliminating the need for line-of-sight scanning allows for multiple layers of an assembly to be tested at once. Previous methods would require dissembling or even damaging the product to allow a full scan. The capabilities of industrial CT scanning can also save time, money, and resources in the testing process.

See for yourself how industrial CT scanning can expose unseen faults in a parts design:

Industrial CT Scanning White Paper

Casting Inspection
Casting Inspection Chart