Industrial CT Scanning for Automotive/Off-Highway Manufacturing

Ensuring safe and properly functioning automotive assemblies has previously required extensive scanning and testing. The process is usually expensive and destructive to the assemblies being scanned. In fact, scanning an assembled system for defects has been nearly impossible with traditional line-of-sight laser and light scanning.

Utilizing the newest technologies in industrial Computed Tomography (CT) scanning, 3D Engineering Solutions can offer the most extensive, non-destructive scanning practices in the U.S. We are the first CT scanning ISO 17025-certified facility in the country. Our CT scanning devices use multiple X-ray scans and compile the data into a 3D voxel model structure that can represent the entire assembly – internal and external.

These advantages bring immediate benefits to your manufacturing process. The ability to scan entire layers while assembled ensures functionality far beyond other scanning methods. Possible issues can be detected in the assembly as opposed to scanning each individual part separately. And the act of disassembling parts can be damaging as well.

Considering the inspection advantages of this method, our ability to detect thin walls, voids, and defects has never been so thorough. An analysis from an ISO 17025-certified third-party can be required for certain safety inspections, and 3D Engineering Solutions is capable of performing these highly specialized tests.

As industrial CT scanning technology has continued to grow, turn-around has vastly improved. With the ability to scan entire assemblies, time has also been cut dramatically cut costs are better managed. With our industrial CT center of excellence, this exciting technology has never been so accessible and beneficial for your automotive manufacturing needs.

Automotive:Off-Highway Manufacturing CT Scanning