Industrial CT Scanning for Aerospace & Additive Manufacturing​

With aerospace and additive manufacturing, critical internal passages must be inspected. Parts with unrecognized faults can lead to poor performance and even catastrophic failures. Since a primary advantage of additive manufacturing is the creation of never before available internal features, a similarly advanced inspection method is needed to detect these buried features.

Aerospace composites also offer challenging measurement requirements. Composite and fiber analysis with our newest CT scanning capabilities can provide the most precise measuring available in the industry to date and the opportunity visualize the data versus just an indication as is provided by other NDT methods.

New Solutions with Industrial CT Scanning

For production of parts for aerospace, industrial CT scanning brings incredible advantages that were previously impossible with traditional scanning methods. Before, assemblies would have to be disassembled and each part checked individually. Not only was this time consuming, but parts could be destroyed or damaged in the process. CT scanning allows us to check an entire assembly at once, in the assembled state. This non-destructive method of testing ensures each part will also function correctly in unison. Internal and external features can be inspected simultaneously, saving huge amounts of time in the inspection process.

Unmatched Defect Detection

Detecting voids through porosity analysis has never been more accurate as well. CT scanning allows us to find previously undetectable imperfections with the manufactured assemblies. We can now detect thin walls and possible faults in assembly designs with certified precision.

Considering the multiple benefits of CT scanning, it is a perfect solution to ensuring accurate inspection of aerospace and additive manufacturing components.


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