Turnkey for 3D Design & Process Tooling​

Whether you need to reverse engineer tools and dies, enhance your rapid tooling process, or design a new product, precision and accuracy from start to finish mean less waste and higher efficiencies. Take your venture to its lean extreme with 3D Engineering Solutions’ better, faster and more cost-effective strategies. 3D Engineering Solutions will capture a part, define it and create a quality process through tool design, build and qualification.

Get your products to market more rapidly and efficiently by digitizing clay models, prototypes or existing products. Once we’ve accurately scanned and modeled your product shape in 3D CAD format, it can easily be updated or used to generate rapid prototypes of new designs. Tooling and injection mold design can also be implemented more rapidly.

Tooling for existing product manufacturing isn’t always available with CAD data and conventional measuring tools aren’t adequate for documenting complex 3D shapes. We can also solve this problem with our 3D scanning/digitizing service – a non-contact process that won’t damage or alter your tools in the process.

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