CMM Inspection and Validation for Parts​

Fixed CMMs

Utilizing large volume CMMs running PC-DMIS to capture dimensional data on parts with an envelope up to a 252010 and heavy components (up to 15,000lbs), 3DES offer a unique ability to facilitate these projects.

Industrial CT Scanners

industrial Computed Tomography (CT) scanning  allows metrology of internal surfaces of parts and assemblies without the need to disassemble or section the items.

Structured Light Systems

Using precision non-contact inspection utilizing the latest blue light structured light technology, 3DES is able to measure small medical instruments through vehicle sized objects.

Portable CMMs

Product inspection verifies part conformance in relation to design specifications and confirm whether critical tolerances and quality standards are being met. By using 7-axis portable CMMs (coordinate measuring machines), our quality inspection services offer several key advantages over conventional inspection services.

Inspection processes using gauges or CMM measurement services can be slow and inefficient, limiting your ability to inspect every critical feature of a part. By using non-contact, fully integrated laser inspection and digitizing, our highly trained engineers can quickly gather high density part geometry and dimensional data that is accurate and detailed enough to assure quality at a higher level than ever before.

The portability and speed of our 3D laser inspection process even allows on-site inspection to be performed in process, which improves your ability to pinpoint quality problems, reduce errors and troubleshoot processes.

Using high-resolution data from the latest 3D measurement technologies, our detailed product inspection reports will help reduce troubleshooting and engineering time by eliminating guesswork. This not only positively affects your bottom line, but also reduces development-cycle time.

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