Creaform GO!Scan 3D

3D Engineering Solutions has recently acquired a Creaform GO!Scan 3D. This gives us the opportunity to offer yet another option when it comes to data collection for our customers. With this scanner, large parts can be scanned significantly faster. This is helpful in many situations.


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Reduce Setup & Scan Times

For example, if a customer has to stop production to allow the parts/tools to be scanned, production will be delayed much less if this scanner is used. The portability and ease of use with this scanner means setup times and scan times are much shorter. Consider an extremely large object that would require multiple movements of a FARO arm which would take a very long time with the arm. With the Creaform scanner, we can move around the object with no delay, collecting the data in a fraction of the time.

Additional Benefits

Another bonus of this scanner compared to other options we provide is that it can scan in color. This may be useful for certain applications. As no scanning system is perfect, there is a drawback to this method. The advantage of mobility does decrease data collection accuracy over another system. With that being said, it still meets the requirements of many projects. Overall, the addition of this tool to our arsenal gives us the opportunity to meet the needs of even more prospective customers.