Measuring Large Volume Parts with the O-Inspect 863 – Patterns in Calypso

Large Volume Parts with the O-Inspect-Patterns in Calypso_Main

With the addition of our latest CMM, the Zeiss O-Inspect 863, we are now able to measure large volumes of parts with the high measurement accuracy that the system’s white light focal sensor, camera and scanning probe have to offer.
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Seeing your part through a different lens – Utilizing the Zeiss O-Inspect 863 for optical inspections down to a hairs width

Utilizing the Zeiss O-Inspect 863_1

In the past year 3D Engineering Solutions acquired a Zeiss O-Inspect 863. The unit is a state of the art optical / tactile inspection system that adds to our scope of accreditation, for ISO 17025, a capability to measure parts on a scale that we were unable to accomplish prior to having this equipment.
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Continued CT Services Expansion


3D Engineering Solutions (3DES), North Americas’ most Advanced & Proven Center of Excellence For Metrology & Engineering Services is pleased to announce their ongoing strategic partnership with Nikon Metrology, Inc (NMI) of Brighton, Michigan. 3DES recently purchased two additional advanced industrial computed tomography (CT) systems from NMI. These systems use X-rays to penetrate components and assemblies to retrieve all surface and internal details.
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Color Mapping Technology for First Article Inspection

As part of our ISO 17025 quality inspection services at 3D Engineering Solutions, we now provide color mapping technology for first article inspection of cast parts, a service many other engineering firms still do not offer.  Color mapping provides qualitative illustrations that show the difference between a scanned object and its nominal design.  We provide different types of analysis for our customers, giving them both quantitative and qualitative data.  This saves time and money in the qualification process and makes it easier for our clients to get parts to their customers.
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Leading Edge Scanning Technology Helps Improve Part Verification & Accuracy

We recently finished a project here at 3D Engineering that used scanning technology to verify the accuracy of plastic injection molded refrigerator parts.  In one sense, this is nothing unusual; we frequently using scanning to verify part accuracy.  Most companies, however, still use a fixed based Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) to conduct part verification.  CMM technology captures hundreds of data points, but scanning collects millions of data points, allowing us to gain much greater qualitative and quantitative information.  Because we have the equipment and the knowledge to implement scanning, we now use this leading metrology technology for most inspection projects, including First Article Inspections (FAIs) and Production Part Approval Processes (PPAPs).
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How to Properly Use Point Probes on FARO CMMs

Covered Topics: Point Probe Accuracy, Sharp Tip Point Probes, On-Site Measurement, How to Accurately Measure Trim Lines, Creating Non-Standard FARO Probes, Using Multiple Probes in One Inspection Session, Changing Probes During an Inspection Continue Reading