How to Handle Quality and Inspection Requirements in Uncertain Times

COVID 19 has literally shut down a majority of the world’s production. As we have talked with our customers over this time, we have found that many have reduced their workforce or have implemented rolling furloughs. The problem is that once you let that skilled person go, they may actually find other work before you can hire them back. So, all of the training that was invested in them is gone. This seems especially true of Quality staff. During each normal business cycle and when things get tight, the quality staff is the first to be reduced. A new staff is then later brought on once the cycle has completed with the requisite experience or they are slowly trained up to a proficient level. This is logically the case as production requirements are lower during these cycles and removing production personnel would immediately and directly hamper the ability to generate revenue.

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Ensuring Accuracy of Gages and Fixtures Through Accredited Calibrations

If we lived in a perfect world the parts you manufacture and the gages used to check them would both be exactly to nominal specifications. At that point a gage would be obsolete and so too would be the metrologist, but we all know that this world is far from perfect and that the best we can ever do in the study of measurements is to provide our best estimate of where the actual value lies along with a provision of uncertainty of measurement that can be traced all the way back to the international system of units.

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