Long Range Laser Scanning & Building Information Modeling (BIM) Help Safely Move Massive Equipment into Fortune 100 Energy Facility

Using long range laser scanning, 3 software platforms and Building Information Modeling (BIM), a team of our engineers at 3D Engineering Solutions created a clash detection simulation that highlighted interferences preventing replacement turbines from entering a Fortune 100 coal-fired power plant. After our team calculated interferences, workers were able to cut away concrete from a plant door and shift two sections of high-power conduits measuring 2-feet in diameter. Riggers then moved in massive turbines, with only 4-inches of clearance on either side of the turbine crate.

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New Structured Light Scanning Tool Enhances Our 3D Scanning Service

Augmenting Structured Light
At 3D Engineering Solutions we’ve recently added another tool to our 3D laser scanning services.  We now regularly use a new structured light scanning device—the Steinbichler Comet L3D.   It uses LED blue light technology and can capture up to two million points in 1.5 seconds.  We’ve already employed the technology for turbine blade and impeller inspection, and mold and tool making.  The structured light scanner is useful for 3D scanning, rapid manufacturing and design, quality control, tool making, and reverse engineering.  It’s great for capturing anything with a lot of sharp edges and detail—even small medical instruments.

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3DES Captures Cincinnati’s Union Terminal Using Long Range Laser Scanning

Recently my company—3D Engineering Solutions—used high-speed long range laser scanning to capture precise measurements of Union Terminal—a National Historic Landmark and massive art deco building here in Cincinnati.  The Faro laser scanner we used is small, portable, and has a wide-range of uses.  For this project we captured Union Terminal’s measurements with millimeter-accuracy in just hours and as millions of data points.  The 53 gigabytes of data generated is now being used for Building Information Modeling (BIM) in aggregation with other software, giving architects and engineers ability to create simulations of how best to preserve the 80 year old structure.  A fly-through video showing the expansive building and its detail was also created.  Click here to watch the 3D fly-through video Continue Reading

How to Properly Use Point Probes on FARO CMMs

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3D Laser Scanning and CAD Modeling Bring High Tech Violin and Cello Tailpieces to Market

Using 3D laser scanning and CAD modeling technology, 3D Engineering Solutions helped The Frirsz Music Company bring its patented violin and cello tailpieces that improve sound and performance to the marketplace. These lighter than wood tailpieces comprised of aerospace metal alloy can now be manufactured for musicians everywhere because of the 3D scanning services and design expertise provided by 3D Engineering Solutions.

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