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Partnership with Nikon Metrology Brings Industrial CT Scanning to 3D Engineering Solutions

We have been fortunate enough to form a partnership with Nikon Metrology and use their latest CT scanning technology.  These scanning machines use X-rays to penetrate an entire assembly at one time, eliminating the need line of sight restrictions you would have with laser, probe, vision or structured light scanning systems.  Its non-destructive testing capabilities […]

Long Range Laser Scanning & Digital Mapping Helps Move Church More than 1,000 Miles

At 3D Engineering, we are ecstatic about our latest long range laser scanning and digital mapping project.  As part of our BIM services, we employed long range laser scanning and digital mapping to capture exact position and orientation of each stone of an historical church building being relocated more than 1,000 miles from Middletown, Ohio […]

Color Mapping Technology for First Article Inspection

As part of our ISO 17025 quality inspection services at 3D Engineering Solutions, we now provide color mapping technology for first article inspection of cast parts, a service many other engineering firms still do not offer.  Color mapping provides qualitative illustrations that show the difference between a scanned object and its nominal design.  We provide […]

Leading Edge Scanning Technology Helps Improve Part Verification & Accuracy

We recently finished a project here at 3D Engineering that used scanning technology to verify the accuracy of plastic injection molded refrigerator parts.  In one sense, this is nothing unusual; we frequently using scanning to verify part accuracy.  Most companies, however, still use a fixed based Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) to conduct part verification.  CMM […]

Popular Airsoft Guns Reverse Engineered, Helping Bring Back Offshore Manufacturing and Secure 300 U.S. Jobs

Recently, my company had the opportunity to reverse engineer parts for popular Airsoft guns once manufactured abroad.  When this particular gun maker learned that its offshore manufacturer was using its proprietary tooling to “back door sell” guns made with the equipment, it closed down operations and moved manufacturing back to the United States, which helped secure 300 domestic jobs.  […]

Long Range Laser Scanning & Building Information Modeling (BIM) Help Safely Move Massive Equipment into Fortune 100 Energy Facility

Using long range laser scanning, 3 software platforms and Building Information Modeling (BIM), a team of our engineers at 3D Engineering Solutions created a clash detection simulation that highlighted interferences preventing replacement turbines from entering a Fortune 100 coal-fired power plant. After our team calculated interferences, workers were able to cut away concrete from a […]