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First Article Inspection – A Comprehensive Guide on How to Perform an FAI

First Article Inspections (FAI) are used to ensure that parts off of new or modified tooling or processes conform to the part design requirements.  This even includes changing the location of manufacture! Yes – this can make a difference sometimes (usually due to different equipment, the same equipment setup slightly differently, environmental conditions, different manufacturing […]

Using Laser or Structured Light Scanning to Preserve Your Tuned Molds and Dies – Just Like Notre Dame

Your Molds and Dies are critical to your business.  They were meticulously created and iteratively tuned until the parts they produce are within specification.  At that point, they were put into production and no documentation of the final tuned geometry was captured.  This is actually the standard operating procedure for most of the world.  The […]

What Data Collection or Scanning Equipment and Technology is Needed for My Project?

Many measurement and reverse engineering requirements require more than simple caliper or micrometer measurements.  Whether you are conducting a First Article Inspection (FAI), troubleshooting a manufacturing issue or reverse engineering a legacy part for improvements, one or multiple of the modern data collection methods may work – but what is best and what are you […]

Common Contact Measurement Devices and Methods

Contact measurement devices constitute the majority of what is traditionally used for dimensional metrology.  These consist of devices that must be in physical contact with the object to be measured.  Below is a listing of general types of contact measurement devices.  This covers the vast majority of what is used today and is a good […]

Common Non-Contact Measurement Devices and Methods

Non-contact or touchless dimensional measurement devices are the modern new comer to an array of contact devices that have been traditionally used.  Contact devices are discussed in this link on Common Contact Measurement Devices.  All of the non-contact devices generate a point cloud or voxel data set as their most raw form of data.  The […]

How is the Accuracy of Industrial CT Scans Verified?

Industrial CT scanning continues to gain popularity for use in measurements.  The real question to be asked is:  Is the data extracted from CT scans accurate?  Since its inception, CT scanning has been used to visualize internal structures from people to industrial items.  It is unparalleled in its ability to see those things that are […]

Industrial CT Scanning: Defining Porosity of 3D Porous Structures for Medical Implants using Advanced Metrology Methods

With the advent of new ways of creating medical implants that promote bone ingrowth, an updated method of evaluating their effectiveness should be employed.  3D Printed Additive manufacturing and other creative manufacturing techniques have been developed to create porous structures that promote bone ingrowth. Traditionally, the effectiveness of these structures is tested by taking 2D […]

3D Engineering Solutions Acquires FARO Focus S 350 to Improve Accuracy in Long Range Scanning Services

3D Engineering Solutions recently acquired the new FARO Focus S 350 long range scanner to compliment its growing customer demand for increased accuracy in long range scanning services. This new ‘best in class’ long range laser scanner offers outstanding features over the existing field of competitive equipment.