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Ensuring Accuracy of Gages and Fixtures Through Accredited Calibrations

If we lived in a perfect world the parts you manufacture and the gages used to check them would both be exactly to nominal specifications. At that point a gage would be obsolete and so too would be the metrologist, but we all know that this world is far from perfect and that the best […]

ISO9001 vs ISO17025 vs AS9100 – Why It Matters When It Comes To Your Metrology Needs

Every day, we in industry find ourselves in need of verifying the parts we have designed and built. Part of this verification comes in the forms of physical testing, as well as measurement and analysis. Whether you are looking at a prototype component or have a need to create an inspection plan for a production […]

Seeing Your Part Through a Different Lens – Utilizing the Zeiss O-Inspect 863 for Optical Inspections Down to a Hairs Width

In the past year 3D Engineering Solutions acquired a Zeiss O-Inspect 863. The unit is a state of the art optical / tactile inspection system that adds to our scope of accreditation, for ISO 17025, a capability to measure parts on a scale that we were unable to accomplish prior to having this equipment.