A First in Industrial CT Scanning Services

Historical Digital Archiving Pocket Watch
We have been talking about our new industrial CT scanning services over the last few months, and now have great news to share. 3D Engineering Solutions is the first company in the world to receive an ISO 17025 certification for industrial CT scanning services. This means that internal and external elements of an assembly can be scanned and analyzed with intense precision, like no one else can.

The MCT225 scanning system from Nikon Metrology guarantees measurement accuracy
without reference measurements or time-consuming comparative scans. Using accuracy standards traceable to the UK’s National Measurement Institute, the CT system is pre-calibrated for
computed tomography in dimensional measurement. And this method is
suitable for a variety of applications, from casting inspections and plastic
parts, to complex assemblies.

CT scan of a pocket watch

The advantages of X-ray scanning multiple layers becomes obvious when
one considers that additive manufacturing continues to produce small and highly
complex components. Such manufacturing
methods don’t allow for traditional touch probes or optical sensors. And, as we have talked about previously on
our blog, testing is non-destructive. All of this adds up to reduced lead times and inspection cycles.

Our metrology-grade industrial CT scanning services are one of a kind and at the absolute cutting edge of
today’s technology. Feel free to contact us to learn more
about how we can use this and our other scanning services to fit your needs.

Read the full press release.

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