3DES Captures Cincinnati’s Union Terminal Using Long Range Laser Scanning

Recently my company—3D Engineering Solutions—used high-speed long range laser scanning to capture precise measurements of Union Terminal—a National Historic Landmark and massive art deco building here in Cincinnati.  The Faro laser scanner we used is small, portable, and has a wide-range of uses.  For this project we captured Union Terminal’s measurements with millimeter-accuracy in just hours and as millions of data points.  The 53 gigabytes of data generated is now being used for Building Information Modeling (BIM) in aggregation with other software, giving architects and engineers ability to create simulations of how best to preserve the 80 year old structure.  A fly-through video showing the expansive building and its detail was also created.  Click here to watch the 3D fly-through video

Mapping a facility is just one example of what long range laser scanning can do.  Our tool can be used to accurately inspect structures or to capture crime scenes.  Even if it’s pitch-black outside, the scanner can read tire treads, residues and surface textures.

3D Engineering Solutions acquired the long range laser scanner in December 2010 and we’ve employed its technologies for several projects now, including bridge inspection and measurement for the renovation of a large power plant facility.  This tool can capture objects up to 120 meters and with speed up to 976,000 measurement points per second.  We’ve got several projects using the Faro scanner in the works right now.  Stay tuned for more information about how we’re putting this technology to work.

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