3D Engineering Solutions Certified CT Scanning

I am here today to share how 3D Engineering Solutions is a leader in CT scanning engineering. I’ll explain how we are the only company to have a piece of CT equipment to our ISO 17025 scope. This new piece of equipment allows us to perform more accurate scans.

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Engineering Support Services: Aligning Smooth/Large Objects

Aligning Multiple Scans of a Single Object

Something people may not think about is the processes used to align multiple scans of a single object, as many parts require more than one scan to fully cover the object. Sometimes the part may be too large for the equipment to cover from one spot, or a part may need to be flipped over to scan the bottom. When this happens, two or more separate scans must be conducted by scanning the part in one position, then moving it and scanning again. Some parts have enough unique features to use for alignment, by signaling the software to use those features as the basis for aligning.

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Reduce FAI/PPAP time & cost by 80%: The New Inspection Paradigm

Traditional FAI & PPAP

Traditionally FAI (First Article Inspection) and PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) inspections include a complete look at all the print dimensions.  A typical dimension may take 10-minutes to fully program, collect the data and report using traditional methods.  Because prints can easily have between 150 to 1,000 dimensions, this becomes a significant time and resource constraint for many projects.

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