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3D Engineering Solutions Advanced Engineering & Metrology

3D Engineering Solutions is committed to the details – in our service, in our people, and in our choice of leading-edge technology.

Our Service

3D Engineering Solutions defines fast. How fast? Think quick turn-around. Think 1,000,000 points per second. Leading edge means the right tools for the right job. Multiple advanced digitization technologies combined with related, high-end point cloud engineering software assure quality and operational excellence—eliminating any constraints in the production process.

3D Engineering Solutions’ state-of-the-art, advanced engineering metrology services have applications in every industry – aeronautics, motion picture and gaming, automotive, tool and die, manufacturing, forensics, archaeology, medicine, maritime – anywhere precision digital 3D modeling is required.

Need help and need it now? Think of 3D Engineering Solutions as your 24/7 on-call virtual division providing efficient, cost-effective, total quality and engineering solutions with effortless technological mobility that brings the industry's best right to wherever it's needed—from Boston to Beijing.

Our People & Expertise

With more than 100 years of combined manufacturing and design experience, the 3D Engineering Solutions’ engineers sweats the details. Having built a strong background of strategic management and leadership skills in area industries, team members demonstrate expertise in several key capacities: engineering/3D reverse engineering, quality assurance, repair/overhaul, Faro training, customer support and much more, including expert engineering witness consulting. 3D Engineering Solutions’ degreed engineers—leveraging the industry's leading-edge technologies—simply make the difference.

Our Technology Partners

High-speed, unsurpassed in accuracy, portable and touchless technologies – 3D Engineering Solutions’ technology partners set best-in-class industry standards.

Your success is our only objective. Utilizing superior communication, commitment to detail, high quality standards and innovative technologies, we will fulfill your quality and engineering needs.

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